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Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor

Students focus on the law from various disciplines, including political science, philosophy, history, criminology, and economics.  In addition, the minor provides a sound foundation for the law school experience and gives students and faculty the chance to talk regularly about the law school application process.  The minor does not attempt to reproduce for students the specific studies of the law they will pursue once they begin law school. Rather, the minor provides students with an interdisciplinary context within which they can more fully appreciate and understand the law as a discipline. The minor, therefore, requires students to take a selection of challenging courses outside their own major.

The minor also offers students rigorous preparation in analytic and writing skills. Developing such skills through a challenging course of study should be useful to students as they prepare to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) when they begin their study of the law and again when they begin their practice of law.

Only one course taken as a part of the student’s major may also be counted toward the student’s minor.


Core (2 course units)

  • PHL 120: Introduction to Logic*
  • ECO 101: Principles of Microeconomics

*Note: PHL 220: Metalogic usually requires PHL 120: Introduction to Logic as a prerequisite. However, for qualified students, Metalogic may be substituted in place of Introduction to Logic without taking PHL 120 with the permission of the instructor.

Elective Options (3 course units)

Business Courses

  • BUS 200: Legal and Regulatory Environment for Business
  • BUS 300: Business Law*
  • BUS 325: Employment Law*
  • BUS 360: Global Law and Policy Issues for Business
  • BUS 380: Law, Technology, and the Future of Business
  • BUS/MGT 385: Business Ethics
  • ECO 365: Economics of Law

Criminology Courses

  • CRI 201: Judicature
  • CRI 301: Criminal Law and Procedure*
  • CRI 351: Comparative Criminology
  • CRI 352: Advanced Criminology: Race & Crime

Philosophy Courses

  • BUS/MGT 385: Business Ethics
  • PHL 135: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHL 240: Political Philosophy
  • PHL 255: Biomedical Ethics*
  • PHL 275: Philosophy of Law*
  • PHL 375: Law and Ethics*

Political Science Courses

  • POL 220: Judicial Politics & Processes
  • POL 320: Law and Society
  • POL 321: Constitutional Law I: Institutions and Powers
  • POL 322: Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • POL 337: International Law
  • POL 345: Human Rights in International Relations (cross-listed with INT 300)
  • POL 365: Origins of the United States Constitution (cross-listed with HIS 366)

Other Courses

  • HIS 366: Origins of the United States Constitution (counts only when cross-listed with POL 365)
  • INT 300: Human Rights in International Relations (counts only when cross-listed with POL 345)
  • JPW 308: Media Law*
  • NUR 300: Legal Challenges in Health Care
  • PHL 430: Advanced Ethics (counts only when the topic is suitable)
  • POL 390 Tutorial in Political Science (counts only when the topic is suitable)

*This course has one or more prerequisites or requires sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

If you would like to add the Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor, please submit this form to Susan Scibilia at least one semester before graduation via email or in the Social Sciences Building Room 219. See the Prelaw Minor Overview, PDF