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About the Prelaw Program

The College of New Jersey’s Prelaw Program offers multiple pathways for students who wish to pursue a legal education, including an interdisciplinary minor, advising, student-run clubs, and an invited speakers series. Paired with any TCNJ major, the Prelaw Program helps prepare students with the skills that make them highly desirable law school candidates who attend the top law schools in the country. Follow the Prelaw Program on Twitter @TCNJprelawprog and Instagram @TCNJprelawprogram.


Students who want to take law-related classes with degree designations have two options: 

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Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor 

The interdisciplinary minor enables students to focus on the law from a variety of disciplines, including political science, philosophy, history, criminology, and economics, while providing a sound foundation for the law school experience. 

Interdisciplinary Concentration in Law and Society 

Similar to a minor, the interdisciplinary concentration allows students interested in law to satisfy their core course requirements. The concentration’s four components form a coherent approach to the study of law and provide students with an integrated core experience. 

TCNJ – Villanova Law School Affiliation 

This new program allows third-year juniors and graduating seniors direct entry to Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law. This highly selective program allows TCNJ juniors who meet the eligibility and application requirements to attend Villanova Law during their senior year, obtain dual credit, and receive a full-tuition scholarship. Eligible TCNJ seniors receive a half-tuition scholarship.



Law student studying in classAccess to the expertise and guidance of a Prelaw advisor can be integral to the law school application process. Faculty from political science, history, philosophy, and business serve on the Prelaw Advisory Committee and advise students on the Prelaw Program, course selection, and preparation for the LSAT and law school. Prelaw advising is open to students from any major. To join the prelaw advising group, visit the advising page. 



Law student holding a book standing outside a court building✓ Prelaw Advising Information Sessions 

✓ Prelaw Email List 

✓ Internship database 

✓ Annual Constitution Day Lecture 

✓ Annual Daryl Fair Memorial Lecture 



TCNJ Prelaw Society student standing outside the student centerThe Prelaw Society is a student-run pre-professional club focused on providing information about the field of law, current events, and applying to law school. Membership is open to all majors. Follow the Society on Instagram @prelawtcnj. 







TCNJ Mock Trial Club member standing outside state government officesThe student-run Mock Trial Club participates in trial simulations sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association. The Club helps members gain public speaking and critical thinking skills, a valuable experience for students considering law school or becoming a trial attorney. Membership is open to all majors. Follow the Club on Instagram @tcnj.mocktrial. 






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