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Prelaw Advisors

Once the student has made the initial contact, Dr. Roberts will either work with the student directly or ask another Prelaw Advisor to consult with the student. Students (whether incoming or already on campus) may also wish to contact a Prelaw Advisor directly — for example, a professor who teaches in an academic area of particular interest to them. In any case, the easiest way to initiate contact is by e-mail or by phone. The names, departments, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of each of the Prelaw Advisors are listed in the right-hand panel of this page.

Once the student is on campus, meetings with the student’s Prelaw Advisor should be scheduled by the student each semester. Matters to be discussed include the selection of the major and any minors or concentrations as well as the next term’s course schedule. (Students who have already chosen a major will also regularly consult with their departmental advisor regarding, among other things, their course schedule. Students who have not yet chosen a major — “Open Option” students — will consult with the academic advisor who has been assigned to them through the Open Option program.) By the end of the sophomore year, the student ordinarily will have selected a major. At that point, discussions with the Prelaw Advisor will begin to cover the details of the law school admissions process and how the student should prepare for that process.




Melinda Roberts

Philosophy Melinda Roberts

Office: Bliss 112

Phone: 609.771.2360


                                    Nancy Lasher

Business Nancy Lasher

Office: Business 322

Phone: 609.771.2175



Margaret Leigey


Office: Social Sciences 304

Phone: 609.771.2716



 Thomas Mahoney

Vice President – General Counsel

Phone: 609.771.2734


  Robert McGreevey

History McGreevey_Photo-300x254

Office: Social Sciences 208

Phone: 609.771.2129


Susanna Monseau

Business Monseau

Office: Business Building 311

Phone: 609.637.5129


Tao Dumas

Political Science Dumas

Office: Social Sciences 240

Phone: 609.771.2472


Kevin Michels

Business michels

Office: Business Building 315

Phone: 609.771.2922